Launches and monthly email promotions for your business handled purely on a performance basis

"As a result of working with Peter, we had the biggest product launch ever, with about 3% of our audience converting into buyers, all with some of the least work I've ever done on a major marketing campaign."- Timothy Moser
Founder of Accelerated Spanish

"Peter helped create an email promo campaign for us that made a record 70 sales.He understood key issues quickly and what exactly our messaging should be.Highly recommend Peter, he’s a pleasure to work with.- Jon Howkins
Guitar Coach Magazine"


* I'll write & strategize monthly promotions for your brand on a pure commission basis… no retainer, no setup fee, nothing - just pure upside for you* Like any promotion, these will primarily involve emails, and if relevant, social posts* Everything will be fully written for you, in your voice & tonality* I can even consult on any destination pages too (sales pages, product pages, etc), just to ensure maximum conversions* The promos will normally centre around one of these 3 themes, I'll pick whatever makes the most sense for your brand each month:1. Seasonal events (Black Friday, Christmas, New Years, St Patricks, etc)
2. Business-related events (anniversary, 100th sale, product launches, new live event, etc)
3. Personal events (your birthday, your child’s / partner's birthday, or any other meaningful days to you)
* I'll write & and upload everything to your CRM – so zero additional management needed from you* Each promo will be relationship-centric, so we continue building the know, like, & trust factor with the audience whilst also getting a big hit of sales each month* The only ‘work’ you’d need to do is read the copy I create each month, to make sure you’re happy before we get it live for you* I take just a small % of the sales made purely from our promo copy, and ONLY during the promo window (which is usually between 5-7 days each month).


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